Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wrapping up the Wips!!!!

I had hoped I would go into the new year with a few less Wips, but it just hasn't happened that way, so it looks like january is going to be a month of finishing off! I've updated my progress jumpers in the sidebar, and I must finish some of the things there before I cast on for anything new! Ivy and the beaded cardi are pressies, so I need to finish them asap really, and maybe I'll get the finishing urge and get rid of the rest from the side bar too ( I did say Maybe........)
Tomorrow is the official start date for the sockamonth 2007 challenge, so at least I can cast on for a new sock:-)
On a positive note, I have eventually finished DH's scarf, although I have to say its more functional than it is aesthetically pleasing, I just made it in some boucle yarn in the end and its garter stitch, so didn't take too long, but not particuarly an achievement!

Happy new year and heres to lots of new knitterly experiences in 2007!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Look what I got!!!!!

If only everyone was as easy to please as scooby!!!!!!!!A bone and a new toy, and thats him happy as larry! It was his birthday on christmas day too, My little boy is now 3 years old! I can hardly believe I've had him so long already, and the thing with great danes is they don't live that long, maybe 7-8 years, so I couldn't help feeling a little sad that he's getting older and I may only have him around for another few years:-(
On a happier note, here is my fyber related christmas haul! Photographed with my lovely new camera, courtesy of DH!!! See, he does listen to what I want sometimes:-)

I'm hoping to have a go at spinning with the drop spindle I have, hence the spinning book, and if all goes to plan, I'll be getting a spinning wheel for my birthday!!!!!
The new year is approaching really fast now! I've written a list of all my stash, and I'm going to pop it onto the computer along with intended projects! I have to admit that a lot of the stuff in my stash, I can't remember what I bought it for! oopps!!!!!!!!!
I wonder which online wool stores have january sales:-))

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry christmas, everyone!!!!!

I've spent the day today wrapping presents and placing them under the tree! I love christmas, it makes me feel like a little girl again:-)
I didn't get the beaded cardi finished, or Ivy for that matter, but I've promised to have the ballet cardi done for when my niece goes back to dancing in the new year, and Ivy I'll finish when I get round to it! I am still hopeful of finishing a scarf which I started as a gift for my sisters mil, but we'll have to see on that score too!!!!!!!!I don't think I'll ever manage to be realistic with how much knitting I can get done! My stash is ready and willing but my fingers and needles just aren't up to expectations:-)

I'm going to take part in a sockamonth challenge in the new year! The challenge is to make one pair of socks per month, each month of the year, and if successful, I get a golden sock for my blog:-) I'm sure I can do it............:-O But again, we'll see!!!!! Of course the biggest challenge of all would be for me to stashalong, but as I KNOW I just can't do it, I'm not going to even try! although I must try and buy LESS in the new year!!!!
I haven't had too much success deciding which projects I want to commit too for the new year either, I think I have too many options tbh, but if I don't make some form of plan, I'll get very little done, and will end up once more next christmas with a number of wips, and not so many fo's as I would like! still, theres a good few days before the new year is upon us, so I've time yet:-)
I want to make sure I make at least one project that I can be proud that I've achieved something! Hence my desire to try lace and fairisle!

Next year is going to be an exciting year for me I think! I've got a few plans which hopefully will come into play in january, more on that in the new year though! We have a few swaps, knitalongs, and other events lined up on the crafty threads forum, which are going to be great too:-) And I may even try my hand at this space!!!

wishing everybody the merriest of chritmas's, and may your new year be a knitty one!
God Bless xx

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I've been tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I thought I'd hapened upon my favourite childhood game of chasing around madly trying to tag everyone! But no, I've been tagged by Noo!!! How exciting is this:-)

THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

I thought I'd better do this quickly before someone else tagged the few people I know at the moment in blogland!!!!!!
Here goes,

1.I have double jointed elbows, which looks very peculiar if I stretch my arms above my head!

2.I grind my teeth in my sleep!

3.I hate having to go out!!! I like my house and wherever possible, stay in it!

4.My best friends are internet friends!

5.Other than my husband, I prefer the company of my dogs to any human!

6.I enjoy dancing around my kitchen, singing at the top of my voice! scooby and terri like to join in with this one too:-)

Now I get to choose 6 people to tag too!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy
I would have picked Noo, but I guess thats not allowed:-(
Debs is my first victim!
Jacquie, my fellow forummer (is that a word?)
Knitbert,cos like me she's new to blogging!
seahorse, because she always has something interesting to say!
Christina who makes me laugh with her hunk piccies!
Blog-Bletherings, who always has something funny to say!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Tis the season!!!!

For parties, and getting all dressed up:-) DH and I are going out for chinese with all his family tomorrow night, so as its christmas I bought myself a new dress especially for the occassion!! And its even got beads on it:-)

I've been thinking of new year resolutions too, and while I never normally make any, I have been thinking of knitting related ones already! I'll make some definate plans before the first of january, but I thought I would pick out patterns which I definately wanted to make in 2007!! Heres the first!

The pattern is Elizabeth 1, from alice starmores tudor roses, I love it!!!! I think I might have at least one person to knitalong with me to make this in the new year too:-)
Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to rifle through my stash and decide on some projects that I really want to make, I've already decided I want to have a go at lace knitting and fairisle, so I do have patterns in mind to accomplish those aswell!
Prepare for an unrealsitic number of garments popping up over the next few days as I plan my new year:-)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy hands!!!!

I wanted to post a piccie of my new wrist warmers but blogger appears to be playing up, and I can't upload the link:-( so lets see if I can point you in the right direction with code??? Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I am a programming genius afterall:-) My husband has upgraded my windows software to windows Vista, so not sure if thats the problem?? Anyway the wristwarmers are made with blue sky alpaca sportweight alpaca in "grape". I just made the pattern up as I went along and they were quick and do the job!
I've finished both fronts of the beaded cardi!!!!! , so should have this finished in time for santa without to much problem.
And finally for today this arrived this morning,from poshyarns, so soon I'll have happy feet too:-)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Someone enjoyed sunday dinner!!!!

He's obviously saving the mash potato on his nose for later:-)
I like sundays, cos you don't need an excuse to be lazy, thats what sundays are for!!!!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bead me up baby!!!!!!!!!

Ta Dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having so much fun making this cardi, I love the beads, so sparkly and princess like, I've just gotta make myself something as girly as this in the new year!!!!

Its coming along quite fast actually, I would have finished the left front last night if I hadn't run out of threaded beads. The only beaded project I've attempted before this was Odessa, which I really enjoyed, but I just thought it would be so much harder on a garment??? I don't know where I dredged that logic from but hey, I like to be proven wrong ocassionally!!!!!! I think (or should that be hope?) I should have it finished by next weekend, and then I can concentrate on Ivy! Next year, I'm either making my christmas knits gradually throughout the year, or not at all!

Heres a quick preview of Dh's "quick" scarf! Its pretty cold here now so I need to get a move on with this too!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm back!!!!!

My non-knitting enthusiasm has left me! yayyyyyyy!!!
I finished the back of the twilleys cardi yesterday, but I'm putting it out of the way till I get christmas knitting done! Heres the start of my nieces ballet cardi, beads n all!

I'm thinking it won't take too long, although it is in 4ply...........I should really have started sooner!
I need to ressurect Ivy too as this is supposed to be my older sisters christmas pressie, that has also been left as I kid myself there is plenty of time till christmas:O)
I spoke to dh about his scarf (which is progressing particularly badly) and we have come to a compromise that I make him one in some chunky yarn so that he actually gets to wear it this year!!!!!! So I'm using some ggh columbia, which is a subtly variagated boucle type yarn, in black/grey! No more boring myself silly with endless rows of moss stitch rib!!!!!!!! although I do have to admit that I hadn't bored myself for very many inches:-)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What a difference a day makes........

well, week actually, but lets not split hairs! And in my case, a week seems to have seen little difference to any of my knitting projects:-( This piccie is a pretty good summary of my week!

I've done very little of anything tbh, even casting on for something new hasn't managed to stir the excitement it usually does:-(So I've lazed around and done basically nothing particularly constructive!!! But I guess its ok, cos its not that often that I can't be bothered to knit!!! this afternoon has been a bit of a return to the knit-mad me, and I have this to show for my afternoons tv viewing!!!!

Its going to be a wrap cardi for myself, and the yarn is twilleys freedom spirit! I like the way it makes a pattern for you as you knit mindlessly away! I'm thinking the colour will look pretty good with jeans too:-)

I've been wondering what to put on my christmas list from dh, and as he said no knitting stuff (as I already have enough!(is that possible?))I thought to myself, what a good opportunity to expand my fyber realted skills!!! So I've asked for some fybers to have a go at spinning, and a book on dyeing so I can have a go at that too!!!!!! how exciting:-) I have a drop spindle and a bit of plain wool fyber to have a go with, so I'm going to have a go in the next few days, so that when my christmas haul materialises, I'll have a vague idea of what I'm doing! So the drop spindle is at the this space for some hand spun a la terri!!!!!!

Hopefully , normal knitterly obsession will resume forthwith:-)