Sunday, March 30, 2008

River rapids.

River Rapids socks by Sockbug
Yarn: Posh Lucia
Colour: April showers
Needles: 2.5mm addi circs

And now I can cast on for Monkey socks for my Pal:-)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rapids of time........

I've been working, so not much knitting to report really:-( I've been making some river rapid socks for a birthday gift, intended for a non-knitting friend of mine. I'm using posh Lucia, and hoping she will like them. The colourway is April showers, which I thought was ideal for her April birthday. I'm hoping to finish sock number two quite quickly and then it will be onto the Monkey socks destined for my secret Monkey pal:-)
Other than socks, I've been working on Juno from Rowan 40. The body is all done, it just needs blocking before I work on the collar, which is knitted to fit. I'm using Rowanspun aran, which I've never used before, its nice, and much softer than I expected too! Shame it's discontinued:-)

Both projects are using yarn from stash, I've managed to refrain from any yarn buying at all so far in 2008!!!!! Although I have to admit, although I've made a few things and sold a few bits of yarn too, I haven't made much of a dent in my stash..............
Life seems really busy at the moment. I'm finding it dificult to find time to blog other than on my days off, yet I can't see what has changed, and why time is suddenly an issue, when it wasn't a few months ago????!!!!! Very bizarre.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ding dong, round Four!!!

Monkey Sock Swap Questionnaire

The Measurements

Shoe size:UK 3 eur 35

Foot length in inches: 8 1/4"

Circumference:7 1/2"

Yarn Preferences. I like something with a little nylon in for socks, lots of my purely natural fyber socks haven't lasted very long:-(

What are your favorite colors? I love purples/ pinks/ reds

What color clashes with your wardrobe?None, any colour goes with Jeans right???!

Do you prefer solids or variegated yarns? I like both

What are your favorite brand sock yarns? I like them all I think:-)

Is there a new sock yarn you really would like to try? probably something hard to find in th UK

Cookie A. Patterns

List the patterns you do not have but would like to receive:
mingus sock


Do you have any allergies that your pal needs to know about? (animals, fiber, sensitivity to smoke etc.)
None that I know of, although angora makes my eyes water:-(

Will you knitting be exposed to animals?
Yes, I have two large dogs. They don't sit in the room where I knit, ut they do take an interest as soon as I leave my knitting unsupervised!!!!

Will you knitting be exposed to cigarette smoke?


What country do you live in? England, UK

Are you willing to ship outside your country? Yes

Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's snowing!!!!!

I hate Snow, it's too cold:-(

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is Lazaro, from the Mirasol collection by Jane Ellison. My sister bought me the pattern book for my birthday, and althopugh the origianl is made in a variagated yarn, I like how this has turned out:-) I used DB merino DK, and I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn, nice and soft!
When I bought Lizzy the dummy, I ordered a petite size, to reflect myself as thats what I intended to use her for. I always assumed thats what I had got but tbh, there is many a time when I have tried something knitted on her, and its looked quite tight!!! Assuming that she was the right size, I've just assumed thats how the garment will look on me. Now if I had measured her when She arrived a year ago, I would have noticed this..........

The shirt in the picture fits me, but is 6" too small for Lizzy:-0( How did I miss that, I was convinced she was the right size! She even looks my size!!!!! Probably best not to try and use her for anthing fitted or it'll get stretched:-( She's so pretty too..........
I've been working on an assignment for the past few weeks on and off, mixed with work it hasn't left me with much time to blog, but its now handed in, and finished with, unlessI fail that is!!! So two days off after today, and I'll be knit knit knitting:-)
Our neighbours are having their roof replaced at the moment, so there is scaffolding up for the roofers to get up and get done. Unfortunately, (for DH anyway) the scaffolding is interfering with our sky signal, so we've had no TV for almost a fortnight. I'm not really bothered tbh as I've got my talking books and knitting to keep me occupied, or even a proper book, but DH is bored. I think he's quite appalled that he now has to converse with me at mealtimes rather than chuckle away at The simpsons, hehehe, poor thing, maybe he should take up knitting:-)

Monday, March 10, 2008


Mist by Kim Hargreaves
8mm needles,
Rowan Chunky Print Yarn

I can hardly believe I've been absent from blogging for almost a month!!! Our internet connection has been on the blink, and alhtough it's now fixed, my laptop has decided to pack in, so I'm having to use DH's intermittently:-( seriously thinking of buying a macbook, but will ponder a little longer I think!
Will update properly over the next few days, but for now, it's nice to be back:-)