Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lucky me!!!!!

Look what I collected form the post office today!!!!

Its my secret santa swap gift, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!

You can't see the pattern very well but its for a lovely scarf with a vine leaf pattern on it, a hank of hipknits laceweight silk in the blue to make the scarf with. Some banana silk, which I think I will make a bag with, in a lovely reddy orange colour. And my favourite, cadburys buttons:-)
I haven't managed to work out who the gift is from yet, although I think it may be daisydap??????

Monday, May 28, 2007

Home sweet home!!!!

So my week in Tunisia has flown over, and I have to say, its good to be home:-)
This is the Hotel which we stayed in, it was lovely, and the view over the beach was really pretty. This was taken from our balcony.

DH and I celebrated our wedding anniversary whilst we were away, this is us enjoying italian.....

and me, getting my priorities right!!!!!!!

Despite my saying in the 7 things about me meme, that I don't burn............ I certainly did this year!!!! Which meant I spent most of the time in the shade after the first two days and a really burnt chest:-( I also got really badly bitten by mosquitos, and woke up the morning after our anniversary with a bitten eye which was swollen half shut! Not a good look for holiday, especially as I'm sure everyone thought that DH had punched me in the face!!!!!!!!!! I did enjoy the rest though, and the warmth, but not sure Tunisia is a place I would visit again.........

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random facts about me!!!!

I've been tagged by franney for the "seven random things about me" meme. Not sure I can think of seven things at the moment but here goes.............
Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I can play 6 differant musical instruments (not all at the same time I hasten to add)

2. I have blonde hair and blue eyes with very pale skin, yet I never burn in the sun.

3. I have a birthmark on my ear, towards the top which is a hole and looks like an old piercing. When I met my husband, I discovered he has the same birthmark, on the same ear, and identical to mine!!! I don't know anybody else who has one of these!!!

4. I like to collect things! Books, yarn, useless facts, but I don't like clutter in my house. So if it doesn't get stored tidyly, I'm unlikely to collect it!

5. I have a strong sense of right and wrong. This annoys people at times, as I rarely do anything which I consider inproper, especially if I will benefit as a result.

6. I'm a very sociable person, am comfortable in groups of people, mix easily with people I don't know, and can get along with almost anybody. But, I'm a very private person, and only share personal details with those I consider real friends. I love my own company, and would always choose this to being in a group.

7. I love to make people smile, and as a result, I smile much of the time:-)

SO I managed seven relatively easily!!! I think lots of blogs I read have already done this meme, so if you fancy doing it, consider yourself tagged!!!!

Did I mention I go to Tunisia tomorrow!!!!!!!!
See you all in a week:-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Krafty keyring kerfuffles!!!!!

I just arrived home from work to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then inside........................this!!!!

Its my secret keyring swap, courtesy of Jacquie!!!!!! A lovely teddy bear keyring with her own handknitted coat, and some gorgoeus hand dyed alpaca. I love the gift Jacquie, thankyou so much:-)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nothing to report!!!!

I don't feel like I have that much to talk about on my blog at the moment! Work has been a bit of a nightmare with staffing levels for the past fortnight, and I have spent far more time there than at home:-( Which means I have managed very little knitting or anything non work related tbh!!!!! The trip to Durham for the passport turned out to be a bit of a nightmare!!! They wouldn't accept the translation of my marriage certificate as it was translated in Greece, they want it translated by a passport official/translator in order to change my passport!!!! I could hardly believe it when the clerk told me! The certificate is valid, but not the translation, how ridiculous!!!! So I've had to change the name on my holiday ticket to my maiden name in order to travel *roll*
I am soooooooooo ready for this holiday:-)
I've managed a little more progress on my harry potter swap socks, though I still haven't quite finished the first sock! I have plenty of time though as the deadline is in July, and I'll probably take it on holiday with me:-)
I've been putting together the bits for my swap pal in the summer secret santa swap on the crafty threads forum, I can't give anything much away, but here are a few snippets:-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Up to the challenge???

Ermm, actually.......No!!!!!!! Needless (perhaps) to say, I didn't manage to make anything over the weekend *roll* but then I think you all knew I was going to come back and say that anyway LOL
I'm off to Durham today, my one day off for the week, to get my passport! I feel like I've had nothing knitty to show for ages either:-( And lets just not mention tempting II which was going to come on holiday with me..................

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bank holiday challenge

Melody set a bank holiday challenge on the crafty threads forum, and its to knit a garment over the bank holiday weekend!!! So, eternally optimistic, I have of course decided to join in:-) The garment needs to be finished by midnight on monday night, I'm working on monday till 4 so realistically have two days to get it done??!! I'm going to do a wrap cardi, which says you can get it done in a weekend so we'll see!!!!Using Kimono angora which I love, but it makes my eyes itch like hell!!!!!!!Hopefully I'll manage the weekend without developing sore eyes???!!! Updates as I go:-)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All work and no play:-(

I've had a pretty hectic past week at work, and been shattered when I've got home:-( Too tired to do even very much knitting!!! Well, that just won't do will it! So, to encourage me past my fatigue, I cast on (yes I know, yet another wip) for "joy" which is a kit I bought from Kim Hargreaves at the beginning of the year! Here it is so far:-

It uses Rowan Denim yarn, which I've never used before and I have to admit to it feeling a lot like string to me, the resulting fabric is nice though so I shan't complain too much:-)
I've also managed to do little bits here and ther on Tempting, I'm hoping to finish this to travel to Tunisia in when we go in three weeks, I think its do-able?????

Talking of Tunisia, I still don't have my passport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we go in 19 days, but I'm trying not to panic, the passport office at Durham is only an hours drive away, and they have appointments for same day passports, albeit costly, but I shall have it in time *repeats like a mantra, trying to convince self*
Wish me luck!!!!!