Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been a month..........

And my poor blog has been neglected!!!! In my defense, I have been on holiday for a fortnight. Not much knitting has been going on over the past month, a little secret knitting, but nothing excting that I can blog about.
Gilraen sent me this award last month, thanks very much for that, and apologies at my snail pace response to it.

In return, I'd like to pass on the award to the following bloggers!


Poor scooby has been unwell since we got back off holiday, and had a short stay in the veterinary hospital. Problems with his back they eventually decided, although they didn't seem to really get to the bottom of it. He seems ok now, so fingers crossed its just been a one off thing. Trying to get a great dane down a flight of stairs and into the car when he can't walk is no easy task...... we should have a plan in place really!!!!!
Hopefully some knitting content next time:-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby knitting....

I've had a pretty eventful couple of weeks to say the least, and its flown by in a whirlwind. Needless to say that my ravelympics jumper was NOT finished by the timne the flame went out, but it was knitted by the end of the following day. It's waiting to be sewn up, but soon, as the weather seems to be heading away for the winter now.
So firstly, my friend had a baby!!! Not that eventful in itself, people have babies everyday I hear you say, and you're right, they do!!! But not when they didn't know they were pregnant!!!!! I kid you not! Her Gp thought she was constipated... I for one have never had to try and flush away a 6lb turd, but there you go. Mum and baby are doing well, and hopefully might get home in another week or so??? And it's a good excuse for me to knit baby clothes:-)

It's a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermans from the knitters almanac. Its a brilliant pattern (and book), very ingenious!!! I used some silk stream which was left over from green gable last year and its nice and soft. I know I chose blue, which isn't traditional for girls, but I think babies look good in colour rather than white all the time???????
I fell off my bike whilst cycling to work last week......... everyone at work thought I was talking about a motorbike, but no, I injured myself falling from my push bike.... Embarassing to say the least! Actually, my shoulder is quite badly injured and I'm wearing a collar and cuff much of the time. I can't go to work as I'm unable to move patients or carry out resuscitation if needed, so I'm at home with dvd's and tv reruns, which aint so bad! And I'm still managing to knit, so it definately could have been worse:-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Classy shrug

I finished this shrug just before the start of the olympics, but just had the chance to take pictures. This was my first experience of Dream in color classy, and I LOVE it!!!!!!! Definately a yarn I'd like to knit with again:-)
I've done the back and half a sleeve of my ravelympics sweater, so getting along ok with that......... I've got two days off now, so hoping to make some good progress before I'm back to work on monday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic addiction....

I'm not a massive fan of sport, but I LOVE watching the olympics!!! Obviously I have my favourite sports within, but I enjoy watching it all, and this year is no differant. I'm missing out on loads though because of the time differance, between here and beijing, so having to make do with the highlights in the evening when I'm home, but I shall be staying up on staurday night to watch the marathon:-)
When I saw Ravelympics on ravelry, I was so excited to join in, and signed up for the sweater sprint and the sock put. I thought I would easily finish two projects within a this point I had failed to realise that I would be working 14 of the 16 olympic days!!!!! Which means I've had to rethink what I can achieve in the time:-( I was hoping to make Coraline, but realistically don't have time, even though I don't think the actual project is a difficult one, I don't have the hours to knit it. So....... I've swapped my sweater sprint project to a plain st st v neck sweater which I might be able to wear over a shirt for my new job:-)

I'm half way up the back so far two days after starting, which isn't too bad when I've been at work. I'll be knitting like crazy this weekend! My sockput project is coming along ok, although again, not sure I will finish in time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one sock finished!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Through with the February lady!!!!

In a good way though:-) I finished this yesterday morning and its been blocking since. It's a great pattern, I really want to make another in some Dream in color classy...........

This used 10 balls of the Jaeger, I could have used less as the yarn grew more lengthways when blocked than I thought, but I like the length that it's turned out, much better than I thought I was going to have to make do with from the yarn I had IYSWIM????!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

February lady, thats me that is!!!!!

Well, my birthday IS in February, so it kinda is me:-)
I started this on wednesday late evening, and the body is almost done. I'm holding off on the garter stitch border until after I've done the sleeves. I'm hoping that I have enough yarn to do full length sleeves AND make the body longer, but we'll see! I'm hoping to finish this over the next few days. I'm thinking of making Ysolda's Coraline for my ravelympics project..... what do you think????

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Le rectangle cest finis!!!!!!!

And I LOVE it!!!!! Hope my mother in law feels the same:-)
I decided against the edging in the end. I did attempt a bit, but it looked silly with a small edge, so I pulled it back and went ahead and blocked it without. It's plenty big enough without the additional size that the border would have added, so I'm pleased:-)